How A Bus Wrap Is Made

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The Branding impressions that are delivered by Sayin’ It Loud’s bus wraps are unlike any other form of Advertising currently available in southern Maryland. It’s different because it’s out there working for me all the time. Customers and friends are constantly telling me that they’ve seen my bus here, there, and for that matter all over Charles County. What I like most about a bus wrap is it delivers my message without the consumer having to do anything other than look at it. My potential customer doesn’t have to watch or listen to a particular station at a certain time of day. They don’t have to buy a newspaper or a magazine, and open it to a certain page. All they have to do is be out and about doing what they normally do like going to work or picking their kids up from school. My Marketing dollars were well spent by investing in a bus wrap from Sayin’ It Loud.

Julianne Oberg

Executive Director, Maryland Department of Agriculture